The Person nominated for Queen of May this year has been very active and supportive throughout the years as a member and Director of FASM despite not being Finnish herself. She has been ready to give a helping hand whenever and where ever needed. Over the years she has helped with the lunches, worked at the merchandise table at events, made desserts, brought balloons for decorations for Vappu, made the beet salad when no one else volunteered, grilled hamburgers at the Annual picnic, and the list goes on. With her smile and quiet demeanor/way she offers support through her ideas/suggestions, hands on help, and willingness to do whatever needs to be done.
Also she and her husband, Reynold, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!

It is my pleasure to introduce a face that should be familiar to all. I met him 25 years ago when planning FinnFest 94, a 2 year project and undertaking. He moved on from there to be the treasurer for FinnFest USA. He also served in the same role for the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the board of Scandinavian Park, representing our Finnish community. Oh, and did I mention that he received the Order of the Lion from the Finnish government?
It is my honor to introduce our next King. He’s been on the board since our days as an affiliate of the League of Finnish American Societies and continuing when we transitioned to our current affiliation with Finlandia Foundation National. I’d like to present to you a past president and currently our long serving treasurer.
He’s the man who greets you at the door – Steve Koivula!

Families needed for Finnish high school students

Dear FASM,
Youth for Understanding (YFU) is one of the nation’s most widely recognized and best respected foreign student exchange organizations. I am hoping to work with your organization to help find host families for Finnish students coming to Chicago area high schools for a semester or a school year -- and also to provide your members with Scholarship information for their high school students. YFU gives away over $2.3 million worth of scholarships for study abroad opportunities in 45+ countries. Thank you so much for any help! I look forward to talking to you soon, I can be reached via email at dwilliams@yfu.org or at 815.274.5253

Thank you,
Donna Williams

Donna Williams | Field Director - Illinois
Youth For Understanding USA
(p) 815.274.5253 (f) 989.777.3270 | yfuusa.org

YFU Website: http://yfuusa.org/
Email: admissions@yfu.org
Telephone: 1.800.TEENAGE (833-6243)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YFU.USA.Fan
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/YFUusa
Instagram: https://instagram.com/yfuusa/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yfu_usa

Biographies of Ten (10) Finnish Students Seeking Host Families in 2017 See attached: Biographies.pdf)

September 2016 Finlandia Foundation Newsletter. "FFN's Finland 100 Celebration Is Coming "Together" Finlandia Foundation Newsletter

Milwaukee FAS November Newsletter Newsletter.pdf version

Suomi Finland 100 "1917-2017 100th Anniversary Celebration" Working Together

Suomi-Seura/Finland Society Newsletter - January 2017, English The English transation of "Sutinat" is offered by Veli Niinimaa, the Finnish Expatriate Parliament regional speaker, Region Canada. See attached: Seura/Finland Society Newsletter.pdf version)

Suomi-Seura/Finland Society Newsletter - November 2016, English The English transation of "Sutinat" is offered by Veli Niinimaa, the Finnish Expatriate Parliament regional speaker, Region Canada. See attached: Seura/Finland Society Newsletter.pdf version)

FINNISH EXPATRIATE PARLIAMENT (FEP)Download the Resolutions. (Finnish pdf version)(English pdf version)

Dear Finnish expatriate organisation out there in the world!
The secretariat of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) thanks all expatriate Finnish organisations for participation in our May 2015 session via your motions for resolutions, your presence in the session itself and for having joined improvement of our joint matters.

The 2015 session adopted 41 resolutions. They were translated into Swedish and English and on the 27.10.2015 handed to State Secretary Ms Paula Lehtomäki who stood in for prime minister Mr Juha Sipilä. From the PM’s office, the resolutions will be passed on for a round of commentary in the Government.

You find the resolution compilation in the attachment. It is sent primarily by email. In your case the secretariat had a functioning email address. If your organization wishes to update its contact details, please get in touch with the secretariat (info@usp.fi) so that we can include them in our register. The resolutions are at our web site here: www.usp.fi > Session 2015, and here: www.usp.fi > Activity > Resolutions.

Best wishes and have a fine November!
Sini Castrén
parliament secretary

Mariankatu 8 • SF-00170 Helsinki • Finland
tel: +358-(0)9-684 1210 • fax: +358-(0)-684 121 40
info@usp.fi • www.usp.fi

At 2015 Vappu FASM proudly crowned Eeva Kallio as Queen of May and Arnold Aho as King of Vappu..

Queen of May
She is friendly, always there to pitch in and help, a great cook and baker, a runner, and so welcoming to all.

She is involved in and supportive of Finnish organizations and events. Among her contributions: she was the first Secretary of the League of Finnish American Societies, Chicago Chapter, was sporting event chairperson and Vice President of Exhibits at the 1994 DeKalb FinnFest, member and officer of Finnladies, Director of FASM, team leader for FASM lunches, Christmas tree decorator at the Cook County Building for Finland and Museum of Science and Industry, one of the Finnladies dancers at FASM events and Museum of Science and Industry Christmas program, volunteer and participant in the March of Nations at Scandinavian Days, and a frequent FinnFest attendee.

We recognize Eeva Kallio as Queen of May!

Vappu King
He sings, he smiles, he’s friendly.

This person has been and is involved and supportive of Finnish organizations and activities. He was co-founder of the League of Finnish American Societies, Chicago Chapter, which was the predecessor of FASM. He was President and held other offices of The Sibelius Male Chorus of Chicago and the Finnish Male Choruses of North America, American Laulujat. In 1988 he was the Secretary of the American Laulujat, which is made up of male choruses from the United States and Canada, when they performed in Finland that year. He has attended FASM parties and events, Scandinavian Days, FinnFests, to name a few. He has been singing with The Sibelius Male Chorus for over 50 years.

He is not only a Finn but a “Yooper”.
We are not only celebrating Arnold Aho as the Vappu King but as the “Birthday Poikka”. (It was Arnold’s 86th birthday on the 25th.)

Download a message from Finnair announcing flights between Chicago and Finland in 2015 (pdf version)

Download how to plan a Kalevala Party (pdf version)

DeKalb Majakka Hall, the former Finnish Temperance Hall
Visit the website: finnhallpreservation.com to learn the history of the hall and what work is being done, what work has been funded and what will need to be funded in the future.

Download information about the book The Finnish Girl by Dennis Frahmann. The novel is a multi-generational story spanning the 20th century that delves into a Finnish American family in Wisconsin, the secrets they keep, and the threat that their American dream transforms into a nightmare. (pdf version)

Download information about the book, Finnish after Dark, which translates the most humorous Finnish slang phrases into their English equivalents, or when there is no translation, provides a funny English explanation for the Finnish phrase. The book is written by two language teachers -- David Brown is a New Zealander who teaches English to Finns, and Mimmo Takalo is a Finn who teaches Finnish to foreigners – the book can be an amusing read, whether Finnish is spoken as a first or second language. The cost of the book is 18 Euros or approximately $25 US. The attached information tells how to order the book.
(pdf version)

Download the 2012 Chicago News Updated June 2012 by Bob Kujanpaa (Word version) (pdf version)

Download the 2011 Chicago News by Bob Kujanpaa updated December 2011 (Word version) (pdf version)

(Bob Kujanpaa picture)

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